August Giveaway! Reintroducing Foods on The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

In a couple of my previous posts I mentioned to you all that I had begun the process of reintroducing foods back into my diet after spending a little over six months following the full elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol. The process has been slow, not because of failed reintroductions, but because it has been hard to find weeks where I can get a good baseline or not miss out on too much if I have a bad reaction. With traveling, being on call as a childbirth doula, a few little colds and one very random allergic reaction my reintroductions have had to take a bit of a back seat this summer. That being said, fall is quickly approaching and I am ready to continue moving forward.
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The Paleo Approach Cookbook Review

The Paleo Approach Cookbook

Today I am here to give you a little sneak peak into a book I am very excited about: The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Many of you have probably heard me sing the praises of Sarah Ballantyne’s first book The Paleo Approach, but some of you may not know what I am talking about, so here is a little recap. Continue reading

How to Talk to People About Changing Their Diet (Without Being Pushy)

How To Talk to People About Changing Their Diet (Without Being Pushy)

Its hard. When you find something that completely changes your life it is hard not to stand from the rooftops and shout at everyone passing by. You want to help everyone the way you just helped yourself. It comes from a good place, but it is not always productive. In fact, it can be counter-productive. Turning people away from your message instead of interesting them. I totally get it. After 21 years of suffering from serious digestive issues that often left me completely miserable I felt entirely enlightened when I realized that I didn’t have to look 5 months pregnant with a bloat baby all the time, when I realized that it wasn’t normal to only go to the bathroom once or twice a week and when I figured out how to live my life without being on 20 different medications. I wanted to enlighten everyone, and to be honest sometimes I still do. But I realized early on that shoving information down everyone’s throat was not going to help a soul. Here are some tips about talking to people (productively) about healing chronic illness and adopting a nourishing food diet. Continue reading

AIP Convenience Snacks

AIP Convenience Snacks: What to eat when you're in a bind

I will be honest with you all, I do like to cook. If I didn’t I’m not quite sure what I would do, but even before going AIP or even paleo I enjoyed cooking and baking. I remember learning to bake around the time I was in 3rd or 4th grade and going through a phase of making two tier cakes on fairly regular basis. I was never the typical college student either, always ordering pizza and take out. I made most of my meals. I did batch cooking on the weekend and ate the results throughout the week to keep on my budget, but it wasn’t until going on the autoimmune protocol that I really realized what it meant to cook…everything. Continue reading

Lavender Honey Mint Ice Cream (AIP)

Lavender Honey Mint Ice Cream (AIP)

There has been a lot of debate lately surrounding AIP and Paleo desserts. Some people are saying that these treats, while made with primal ingredients, still don’t have a place in a nourishing diet because they are filled with large amounts of sugar in the form of fruit or natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. This can in turn stimulate some people to have sugar cravings or trigger flares in autoimmune symptoms. Continue reading

Creamy Cucumber Salad (AIP)


Cucumbers, one of the delicious, cool and crispy stars of the summer vegetable world. Growing up, cucumber salad was one of my mom’s go-to recipes for using up all of the cucumbers my dad
would grow in the garden. It was simple, fast, and used up a lot of cucumbers. Unfortunately, the dressing contained sour cream and some other ingredients that would probably not sit well with me these days. Continue reading

Put Some Coconut Oil On It: The Many (Non Food) Uses of Coconut Oil

The Many (Non Food) Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a truly amazing substance. Unlike almost any other substance, about 50% of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid. As lauric acid is digested by the body it can actually destroy lipid coated viruses such as herpes, HIV, influenza, measles and many more. Coconut oil is antimicrobial and anti fungal which makes it great for topical application and it is extremely easy to digest without irritating the gut or causing a blood sugar spike. (1) This easy-to digest nature is  one of the reasons it such a useful cooking fat for those using diet to heal their digestive tracts. Its antimicrobial tendencies may also be useful in eliminating any bad bacteria lurking in the gut and causing problems. Continue reading