20 Awesome Ways to Flavor Kombucha

20 Awesome Ways to Flavor Kombucha

I absolutely love making kombucha! Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic tea that can be flavored and carbonated to create a really fun and healthy alternative to soda. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it is easy to find in many health food stores or grocery stores. The only problem is, that it is usually sold at about $4 a bottle, making it a huge drain on your grocery budget.

Thankfully, it is super easy to make at home for just cents per gallon. Plus, in addition to the cost saving benefits it is also really fun to customize your flavors and experiment with different combinations. That being said, on any given week I am trying to squeeze in my kombucha making process in with all of my other kitchen tasks and when it comes time to actually flavor it, my imagination just isn’t really working.

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So, to help you avoid this pitfall and feel inspired I have put together a list of 20 ways to flavor your kombucha! See if you can make it through all twenty and then report back on which one is your favorite!

20 Awesome Ways to Flavor Your Kombucha

20 Awesome Ways To Flavor Kombucha:

  1. watermelon mint
  2. ginger lime
  3. strawberry basil
  4. apple cinnamon
  5. blackberry lime
  6. berry berry (strawberry and blueberry)
  7. coconut lime
  8. strawberry lemonade
  9. watermelon lime
  10. lavender
  11. peach
  12. mango (puree the mango first, cut up mango doesn’t flavor well)
  13. orange grapefruit
  14. cherry vanilla (use a small amount of vanilla extract or a split vanilla bean)
  15. blueberry basil
  16. ginger peach
  17. cherry limeade
  18. pineapple
  19. orange and turmeric
  20. cranberry orange


9 thoughts on “20 Awesome Ways to Flavor Kombucha

  1. viandriscol

    strawberry mint was one of my favorites. My only issue is that I don’t like pureeing fruit because I don’t like the pulp, and chunks don’t flavor it enough for my taste, so I either use juice, or organic juice concentrate most of the time.

  2. Adele Getz

    I make my own cherry juice from carmine jewel cherries and add 4 oz to each 500ml bottle…very good. Get the benefits of kombucca and the sour cherry juice!


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