7 Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Watermelon Mint Water

A quick Google search of the phrase “most popular drinks in America” reveals the not-so-surprising fact that we are outnumbered. According to this source 4 out of the top 5 most popular beverages include milk, beer, coffee, and soda, all of which are obviously off limits to those of us following the AIP diet and still mostly off limits for those following the paleo diet.

Drink options on the AIP diet basically include herbal teas, fermented beverages such as kombucha, seltzer water, regular water and a few other options in moderation. Obviously, water is a great choice, but let’s be honest, in a world full of every flavor sodas, lattés, and energy drinks, water just gets boring sometimes.

That is why I like to add a little surprise to my water and infuse it! When I first started doing this I was surprised by how strong the flavor really becomes. This is a great way to customize your water and add a little variety to your life! Which really gives you the upper hand in terms of beverage selection because when was the last time your neighbor got to customize his favorite soda?… take that high fructose corn syrup junkies! 😉

Here are a few of my favorite infused water recipes, as well as a round up of some from across the web!

Strawberry Limeade:

Per 16 oz of Water

citrus-herb-water–       2-4 strawberries

–       2 lime slices

Ginger Mint:

Per 16 oz of Water

–       2-3 TBS of fresh ginger diced

–       4 mint leaves

Watermelon Mint:

Per 16 oz of Water

–       ¼ cup of watermelon chunks

–       4 mint leaves


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  1. Anna

    Another great way to add fruit to your diet. My favorite is ginger mint as I looove ginger so much 🙂 Will try it tomorrow after breakfast.

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