AIP Bacon Apple Pork Chops

AIP Apple Bacon Pork ChopsWhen I first went on the Autoimmune protocol Diet (AIP) back in November, it was just about all I could manage to come up with seven dinner recipes and rotate them. I was already running on nonexistent fumes, so the thought of coming up with an entire new arsenal of recipes was daunting. However, after about a month I really started to see results and I decided that I was in this AIP thing for the long haul. Since then, I have slowly but surely been experimenting with recipes and adding new ones to my arsenal here and there.

One of my most recent additions is this deliciously simple pork chop recipe. This recipe, like many of my recipes, was born out of necessity. I had planned on making pork chops in the crock pot, but forgot to put them in before I went to work, leaving me with defrosted, uncooked pork chops at 5pm. Apples and bacon are staples in our fridge so I had plenty to spare, and within 30 mins this lovely little combo was born. I think these are very tasty and if you pair them with some yummy veggies and maybe a starch you certainly won’t feel deprived.

What about you all? Do you crave variety in your meal planning or do you prefer the stability of well-established and rotating menu?


AIP Apple Bacon Pork Chop Recipe

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