AIP Garlic Herb Vinaigrette Recipe

AIP Garlic Herb VinaigretteFinding suitable sauces and dressings while on the AIP Diet can be challenging. I am honestly still mourning the fact that I will probably never be able to have ketchup again. Most store bought dressings contain sugar, vegetable oils, grain based vinegar, tomatoes, peppers… and the list goes on. That being said though, who has time to be making dressings and sauces all of the time?

I have struggled with this a lot and a lack of time can often lead very basic, sometimes bland, food. The exception to this rule is this basic vinaigrette recipe. It takes just seconds to make, is easy to adjust and uses ingredients I always have in my kitchen.

The primary rule of thumb when making a vinaigrette recipe is to use two times as much oil as vinegar for your base. After that, just play around, adjust and enjoy! Don’t feel limited to using this only on traditional salads. One of my favorite uses for this dressing is to add it to burgers with bacon. It is delicious and saves you from having, yet another, dry bun-less burger!


(Makes 1 Serving)


2 TBS Olive Oil

1 TBS Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

¼ Tsp of Garlic Powder

¼ Tsp of Herbes de Provence

Pinch of Salt


Combine all of the ingredients into a small bowl and stir to combine. Enjoy over your favorite salad, or even over a burger!





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