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A Day On The Autoimmune Protocol + GIVEAWAY

A Day On the Autoimmune Protocol plus A Celebratory Giveaway

4 years ago I began this blog as a way to share my recipes and talk about some of the hippy dippy things I enjoyed doing like canning and gardening. Since then, I found the autoimmune protocol and this site has blossomed into a community that aims to support others who are working to heal and manage autoimmune disease through diet and lifestyle. I genuinely never could have imagined what this blog would come to mean to me and those it has helped.

Thinking back over the past four years has really highlighted for me how many things have changed in my day-to-day life. The way I eat, the foods I eat, my priorities, and my routines have all changed dramatically and the results have been fantastic. I know that a lot of you out there are either just beginning your journey or maybe you are just thinking about the idea of diet and lifestyle changes and it can all seem so overwhelming at the start. So, to celebrate my four year blog-iversary I decided to put together a little video showing you what a regular day in my life looks like almost 4 years after beginning the autoimmune protocol. My life is far from glamorous as is evident from the new-mom bags under my eyes, my postpartum tummy, my messy house and how ridiculous I look while exercising but when it comes down to it that is the point right? This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix or a magic pill. Life is messy but even when things aren’t picture perfect you can still work towards healing and creating a better life.

The video is fun and I hope you enjoyed it, but what is a celebration without gifts? So, to celebrate my 4 year blog-iversary and to show my appreciation for all of my wonderful readers I have teamed up with Paleo on the Go to give one lucky reader a $120 gift certificate to try out some of Paleo on the Go’s awesome AIP food. All of their food is delivered to your door fully cooked and frozen all you have to do is heat it up. Plus is is incredibly delicious and they have a huge AIP menu. 4 years on AIP has equaled a lot of cooking for me but it has been so nice to enjoy Paleo on the Go‘s food when I just need a break. So, be sure to enter below!
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Winter Squash Soup (AIP/Paleo)

Winter Squash Soup (AIP/Paleo)

I am going to complain for a minute. I want (read: need) cooler weather to arrive. I want to wear jeans and boots and scarves and I want to drink hot tea and kiss humidity good bye. I am usually all about the summer but this summer has done me in. I don’t think it has been under 90 since May and the humidity level is at a constant 1000%. My entire maternity wardrobe consists of shorts and tank tops and I haven’t stopped sweating since the minute I found out about our little bundle of joy. All of that being said, I am hopeful. I am hopeful that even though my phone tells me that the heat isn’t going anywhere in the next ten days that it will eventually go away and that I will eventually stop being sticky and hot. In the meantime, I am hopeful that if I eat enough pumpkin and bake with enough cinnamon that I might be able to trick myself into feeling fallish!

This recipe has quickly become one of my go to favorites for this season. It is easy, delicious and surprisingly filling. In fact, I have included it in my lunch for the past two weeks! The key to this recipe is seasoning it well. It should have a full flavor and should not be bland. I hope you enjoy it and, if you could, send up a little wish for cooler weather as you try it because my pregnant self needs a break! Enjoy!

Winter Squash Soup (AIP/Paleo)

Winter Squash Soup (AIP/Paleo)


1 TBS olive oil

1 onion minced

3 cloves of garlic

2 cups of pureed pumpkin

2 cups of pureed butternut squash

3 cups of bone broth


1 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp black pepper (optional, omit for elimination AIP)

1 cup of full fat coconut milk

1 tsp ground sage

1/2 tsp ground ginger


In a stock pot or a large dutch oven sauté your onion and garlic in olive oil over medium/high heat until the onions are translucent. Add in your pumpkin and butternut squash along with your bone broth and coconut milk. Cover and bring to a simmer. Add in all of your seasonings and stir to combine. Finally, take an immersion blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy.


Sweet Potato Pie (AIP/Paleo)

Sweet Potato Pie (AIP/Paleo)

It is officially September and for me that brings a lot of excitement! Excitement over cooler weather (being pregnant in the summer has not been my favorite), excitement over being in my last trimester of pregnancy, and excitement about upcoming celebrations and holidays and special times. The past six months of my life have been filled with a lot of changes, some have been wonderful and some have been very difficult. As I look forward to the fall I can’t help but feel very hopeful that having some time at home, enjoying cooler days and relishing in some holiday traditions will help to bring some normalcy back into my life (as normal as life can be when welcoming a new baby).

With these hopes in mind, I decided to get a little jump on my fall recipe creations a few weeks ago by putting together this new pie recipe! Obviously, I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes in all forms so it seemed like it was time to finally create an AIP version of this Southern staple. The great thing about sweet potato pie is that it is not nearly as sweet at most pumpkin pies which makes it a great alternative to anyone who wants a fall dessert but doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth.

I want to give a special shout out to my fellow blogger Alaena over at Grazed and Enthused for inspiring the crust portion of this pie. In the past, I have stuck with coconut based crusts when pie baking, but they have their own flavor and aren’t quite the traditional neutral pastry type of crust that most people are used to. One of my biggest AIP pregnancy splurges has been making the Stromboli recipe from Grazed and Enthused which consists of a super simple, very workable dough that is actually made from sweet potatoes! I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a sweet potato pie with a sweet potato crust so I am going to direct you to her site for the crust ingredients and instructions and then you can come back here to finish the pie! I hope you enjoy it!

Sweet Potato Pie (AIP/Paleo)

Sweet Potato Pie (AIP/Paleo)



Click HERE for the ingredients and instructions on making the dough from this recipe.

2 TBS melted coconut oil


2 cups of mashed orange sweet potato

½ cup of coconut oil

¼ cup of maple syrup

¼ cup of black strap molasses

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp ground cloves

¼ tsp salt

¾ cup of coconut cream

2 ½ TBS gelatin


1 cup of sliced tigernuts

¼ cup of palm shortening

dash of salt

1 TBS maple syrup

1 TBS of coconut sugar

½ tsp cinnamon


Preheat oven to 375. Combine your dough ingredients as per the instructions from the link above. Roll out your dough until it is roughly large enough to fill a 10″ pie plate. Grease your pie plate well. Transfer the dough to the pie plate and press down the dough to form the crust. Brush with melted coconut oil. Bake your crust for 20 minutes, then broil it for 2 minutes to brown the edges. Remove from the oven and set aside. To make your filling, combine all of your filling ingredients except the gelatin into your food processor and puree until smooth. With the food processor running, slowly add in your gelatin and blend for another minute or so. Spoon your filling into your crust and smooth out the top. Place in the refrigerator until the pie has set, at least 3 hours. To make your topping, add all of your ingredients to your food processor and pulse until combined. Sprinkle the topping on the pie and serve.

My (Mostly) Natural Skin Care Routine

My (Mostly) Natural Skin Care Routine

Its funny how our mentality surrounding change can be so different depending on the area of our life that is changing. When I changed my diet to the autoimmune protocol it was like flipping a switch. I decided one night to give it a try and over two years later I have not eaten a single tomato, egg white, or potato. I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it definitely worked best for me to just dive right in and not look back. My transition to natural beauty products on the other hand? That has been much more gradual.

I learned the importance of limiting my exposure to environmental toxins (chemicals) a long time ago, but for whatever reason it has been much harder for me to make those changes than it was to change my diet. Maybe its because there are so many options out there that I have just been burned with a lot of products that just didn’t work. Maybe it is just because deep down (or not so deep down) I struggle with vanity and don’t really want to sacrifice my personal appearance in the name of going natural! Either way, its taken a while. I have written about making my own body wash, which I still do, and I have written about my no ‘poo journey and my favorite shampoo bar. Now I am finally ready to discuss my skin care routine. I have been fairly blessed through my life with good skin. I didn’t struggle with too much acne as a teen and I do not have many scars or pock marks, I do have darker circles under my eyes, the occasional blemish and I am approaching a certain age where many ladies begin to think about preventing early signs of aging in their skin.

With that in mind, I thought I would share my current skin care routine with you all. I will state right off of the bat that I do not use natural makeup, my makeup is conventional drug store makeup. I only wear some concealer under my eyes, a light blush and eyeliner and I have chosen not to change that for the time being.. The rest of my routine is natural. So here it goes:

  • Oil Cleansing: Oil cleansing is basically just what it sounds like… washing your face with oil instead of soap. The way I do this is, I keep a jar of coconut oil in my shower, I take out a small amount during my nightly shower rub it on my face let it sit for a minute and then wipe it off with a wash cloth. This is a great way to remove makeup before bed, it is also wonderful for people with dry skin or in the winter when skin gets easily dried out or chapped. It is also a surprisingly effective facial cleanser because oil dissolves oil, meaning that the oil you use to wash with will dissolve the natural oil in your skin that has hardened around the dirt and impurities in your skin and the steam from the water will open your pores allowing it to be scrubbed away. Washing your face with oil also keeps your pores from over producing oil, like soap can, leading to a more even complexion.
  • Natural Sun Block: All dermatologists agree that the best thing you can do to prevent signs of aging in your skin, especially premature signs of aging, is to use sun protection. The only problem is that many sunscreens contain harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. I switched to natural sun block for the summer months a few years ago, but until recently, I hadn’t found a sun block that was suitable for every day use. Many natural sunblocks are very thick and can leave you looking pale because of the zinc oxide they contain. Then recently I found out the my favorite brand of regular sunblock made a facial sunblock! It is called Sunny Face by Goddess Garden. Not only is it a natural sun block rather than a chemical sunscreen, it contains some great natural anti-aging ingredients like green tea extract and helicrysum essential oil. The texture may stll take some people a little while to get used to and it does leave a bit of a residue feeling on the skin for a little while after application, but it rubs in completely, doesn’t leave my skin looking pale and works great under makeup.
  • Eye Cream: Finally, I also use this Bert’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream at night before bed. It has  natural ingredients and is meant to reduce the appearance of blemishes around the eyes. I do not have any wrinkles around my eyes yet, but I do have dark circles under my eyes that are unrelated to sleep or diet or health, they are just there. I do feel like this cream has helped lighten them slightly.
  • Diet: I also have to put in a little plug about how diet effects skin. The best overall thing I ever did for my skin was give up dairy. Eating dairy has a well researched, negative impact on hormones. I had a very stubborn patch of acne on my chin for years that never went away until about a month after giving up dairy. I also used to get cyctic acne around my period that I no longer get. Balancing your hormones will go a long way in helping your skin!

My (Mostly) Natural Skin Care Routine

Pork Fried “Rice” (AIP/Paleo)

Pork Fried "Rice" (AIP/Paleo)

I hate to say it, but pork fried rice was almost a dietary staple for me in college. My, now husband, and I went to schools in different states and his school was in the middle of nowhere, the only nearby restaurant was this tiny Chinese food place near his apartment, so almost every time I went to visit him I got some pork fried rice for dinner. I had gone gluten free at that point but I had basically just subbed gluten contain grains for rice at every turn. Now that I haven’t eaten any rice in almost two years, that seems a little crazy.

I know many of you probably enjoyed the flavors of Chinese food in your former eating days so I decided to recreate this recipe favorite for you all. The flavor is really good and it definitely resembles that flavors of your past, only without all of that soy and those grains. This is a super easy dish and I think its one that will please your whole family, little ones included! I hope you enjoy!

Pork Fried "Rice" (AIP/Paleo)

Pork Fried “Rice” (AIP/Paleo)

Serves 4


2 TBS olive oil

2-3 boneless pork chops, cut into chunks

4 cups of Riced Cauliflower

2 cloves of minced garlic

1 onion, diced

1 carrot diced or shredded

½ cup of frozen peas (optional, substitute broccoli for full elimination AIP))

2 TBS balsamic vinegar

4 tsp honey

¼ tsp ground ginger

½ cup of bone broth

½ tsp salt


In a large pan, over medium high heat brown your pork in olive oil. Then, add your garlic, onion, carrot, peas and cauliflower and continue to sauté for 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine your bone broth, honey, balsamic vinegar, ginger, bone broth and salt. Stir well until completely combined. Add your sauce to your rice and cook uncovered for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. Add additional salt to taste and serve.

The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle- Available Until May 25th

I am so excited to share this amazing deal with you! The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle contains 45 e-books (worth over $500) and 26 discount codes all for just $39! But hurry, it’s only on sale until May 25th!

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

If you aren’t familiar with e-book bundles, they typically include a variety of e-books as well as discount codes, all for a huge discount and sold for a limited time. Not all bundles are a good deal and I only support those few that provide a large variety of the best-quality resources for a truly amazing deal–and the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle definitely delivers!

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I have personally contributed some of my favorite recipes to this bundle, so if you like the fun recipes you find here you will love the amazing resources in the bundle!

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Wait! How can you offer so many resources at such a steep discount?

E-book bundles typically include a variety of e-books and other digital resources sold for a price far lower than what you would pay for each e-book individually. How does this work? There’s two major incentives for authors to donate their e-books to bundles: expanding their audience and affiliate commissions. Chances are good that you won’t be familiar with every e-book included in a bundle sale. This is what’s in it for the authors: the large number of people who look at their e-books (but normally wouldn’t have) and become new fans. When bundles have a strong theme like this one, this advantage goes both ways: you are the perfect target audience for the e-book contributors and they are great resources for you! Contributing authors also become affiliates for the bundle so there’s still a mechanism for financial compensation for the hard work they put in to creating a great resource.

Bundles also typically contain discount codes. Again, this is what’s in it for the companies: you might try out a new product and become a new regular shopper. Because bundles are such great deals, the excitement is very high, sales tend to be fantastic, and this amounts to substantial exposure to new markets. And hopefully, the huge range of discounts included in this bundle will alert you to some great AIP products you didn’t know about yet!

This model only works when bundles are very thoughtfully organized, provide unique and high quality content, and are sold for a very limited time. The excitement over a legitimately amazing deal means lots of sales and lots exposure for the contributors. When bundle sales last too long or when there’s too many very similar bundle sales to choose from or when the advertising for a bundle includes overinflated values, then the excitement fades and so do the benefits to the contributors. The organizers of the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle are fully honoring the contributions from so many authors and vendors by doing this right! That’s why this bundle was so carefully crafted and is only available until May 25th!

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

Bundle Details

When I’m trying to decide on whether to buy a bundle, I look at which books I would enjoy, total up the value, and then see if that’s more than the cost of the bundle (then I treat everything else as a bonus). I mean, it’s great that this bundle includes 45 e-books and is being sold at a 92% savings, but that doesn’t really mean anything if there’s only two books in the whole bundle that I’m interested in! So, here’s the nitty gritty of what’s in this bundle. Have a look and see if this bundle would be a great resource for you.

Here’s what’s included in this bundle:

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

15 AIP Cookbooks and Meal Plans (total value $192)

  • The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott ($17 value)
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Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

15 Lifestyle and Exercise Guides (total value $202)

  • The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson ($10 value)
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Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

15 Beyond the Basics e-books (total value $132)

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*Books released exclusively with this bundle! Yes, there are nine e-books launching with this bundle!

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Want to know more details about the included books? Simply go to the bundle website and click on any book image for a full description!

Now, you can see why this bundle isn’t just for those with autoimmune disease! Even just a quick glance at the resources included is enough to know that this bundle is filled with amazing resources that everyone will enjoy!

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To give you even more value and support for your health journey, The Autoimmune Wellness Bundle also includes discount codes for 26 discount codes for AIP-friendly vendors and products!

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This is another way that I determine if a bundle is a good deal for me. I see whether any of the included discount codes and coupons are for products I normally buy or have been meaning to buy. If a good coupon (or two or three) will save me the cost of the bundle just by purchasing items I would have anyway, then I get to look at all the included e-books and other discount codes as a bonus!

It’s fantastic to see so many discounts and coupons for AIP-friendly products, services and programs!

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle

Discounts and Coupon Codes

  • AIP Batch Cook                                                       $20 off
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  • The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott, NTP
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Pretty amazing deal right? Probably the best part is that every single resource has been specially selected and vetted by the bundle organizers to create the highest quality bundle possible! This really is the ultimate resource for the autoimmune community or anyone looking to heal their bodies and enjoy optimal health!

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If you bought every e-book in this bundle separately, it would cost you over $500! But, it’s available for a short time for only $39! That’s 92% off the retail price!!! And that doesn’t include the hundreds of dollars you could potentially save with all the amazing discount codes! Plus, the quality of each item in this bundle is outstanding! This is a great bundle!!!


Garlic Grilled Shrimp Skewers over Ginger Spiced Sweet Potato Rice (AIP/Paleo)

Garlic Grilled Shrimp over Sweet Potato Rice (AIP/Paleo)

I love grilled food. I grew up with a dad who grilled weekly, regardless of the season so the flavor of smokey grilled meat and seafood is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, for the past few years we have lived in apartments where we had no room to safely own a grill. That has all changed now though, since our new home has been christened with a grill that my hubby received as a birthday gift earlier this spring.

The beauty of this is that it is also a gift for me as it has given me a perfect excuse to get the hubby cooking more of our meals and it has been a wonderful way too branch out and create some new recipes. You all know that I love to share recipes that are simple, easy and perfect for the inexperienced cook and this meal is no exception. These grilled shrimp skewers are so simple that I almost hesitated to share them because they didn’t really seem like a “real” recipe. The sweet potato rice is a new favorite around our home because it is a super simple staple that can be adapted to suit many different types of dishes. My family is not a huge fan of cauliflower rice so having an alternative that we can all agree on is great!

This is a perfect meal for a weeknight or a long Saturday spent in the yard because it is quick and easy but will leave you happy and satisfied! Plus it will give you a yummy new reason to add another serving of seafood into your diet, which is important when battling inflammation. Personally, I aim to eat seafood at least 3-5 times a week.

Do you like to grill food? Do you grill year round or only when the weather is warm?


Garlic Grilled Shrimp over Sweet Potato Rice (AIP/Paleo)

Garlic Grilled Shrimp Skewers over Ginger Spiced Sweet Potato Rice (AIP/Paleo) 

(serves 2)



20-30 large shrimp (Raw, No Shells, De-Veined)

4 Cloves of Garlic Minced

1 TBS Olive Oil

½ tsp Sea Salt

Sweet Potato Rice:

2-3 small to medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks.

½ Large Yellow Onion

2 TBS olive oil

2 Cloves of garlic, minced

½ tsp Sea Salt

½ tsp Ground Ginger



Take your fresh or thawed shrimp and create about 4 skewers, each with about 6 shrimp on them. We used bamboo skewers, but these metal ones would be great too. Brush your shrimp with olive oil and then sprinkle with sea salt and your minced garlic. Set aside momentarily. Using the s blade on your food processor, take your raw sweet potatoes and pulse the food processor until the sweet potato has been broken down into small rice-like chunks. Place the sweet potato into a large saucepan. Use your food processor to blend up your onion and add that to the saucepan as well. Add your olive oil and spices to the pan and cook covered on medium heat until the sweet potato has become tender. While the rice is cooking, grill your shrimp skewers for about two minutes on each side or until the shrimp is pink and opaque. Serve over the rice and enjoy!