Container Garden Update: Growing Onions

Growing Onions in ContainersSo far I have given you all two little sneak peaks into my container garden this year. I talked about my experience growing spinach over the past two years, and now my first experience growing garlic. Well, I am happy to say that both of those crops are growing well and it is time to talk about another food happily growing in buckets and bins off of my apartment patio: Onions.

Honestly, I was not planning on growing onions this year I have never grown them before and I just assumed that they would need more sunlight and space than I could offer. However, earlier this spring I made a visit up to see my family and was able to help my dad get some of his garden beds ready for planting. While I was there I helped him plant onions and I decided to give them a try.

Similarly to the garlic, a new onion plant grows from part of an original bulb rather than a seed. My dad took me down to the Feed & Seed store in my hometown and I got 1/2 pound of yellow onions. Tiny little baby onions. Each one of these little onions sprouts and spends the season growing, each tiny onion growing into a bigger onion. To an extent, the onion will grow as big as it has space to grow so it is important to plant them accordingly.

When I got home. I gathered up my pots, put some basic potting soil in each and pressed the little onions into the soil, point side up. All said and done I have seven pots of varying sizes holding that 1/2 pound of onions! Within a week little green sprouts were surfacing and now they are long and tall and growing like champs. I am so excited to see what the onions look like by the end of the summer!

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What are your thoughts?