Cranberry Apple Pie (AIP Friendly)

Apple Cranberry Pie 1

Hello Awesome Readers! Today’s post is a post that I originally wrote for the blog Scratch Mommy. Below is a preview of the post, if you click the link at the bottom of the preview it will take you to the full post and recipe! I hope you enjoy! 

In my mind, there is no more idyllic kitchen task than baking a pie. It brings to mind the holidays, or a family gathering, a warm house, and a sweet smelling kitchen. I think of grandmothers everywhere rolling out dough and slicing up apples.

Apple Cranberry Pie Why, after being a part of this real food movement for years now, I still have these rose colored thoughts is beyond me. Baking a pie is fun for sure but it’s definitely a labor of love.  The reality of me baking a pie is a kitchen covered in everything from coconut flour to cinnamon to honey, messy hair, and a not so perfect crust. That being said, there is just something magical about creating something as beautiful as a pie.

Cooking in and of itself is an art form; finding just the right ingredient in just the right amount to create that perfect flavor. But not all food is aesthetically beautiful.

A pie however, is perfect.

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