Flourless, sugar free Banana Pancakes

Flourless Banana PancakesAs you may have already been able to gather, I love breakfast food. I could easily eat breakfast foods for every meal of the day. However, for the first part of my paleo journey my breakfasts became repetitively based on eggs. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, hardboiled eggs, repeat. Don’t get me wrong I love eggs, but after a few months of this I got burnt out. Thankfully, the more I learned about the paleo diet the more my options began to expand. I now make quiches full of endless types of ingredients, flourless sweet potato pancakes, almond flour biscuits, and now banana pancakes! Some of you may have seen different variations of this recipe floating around the internet, however being the minimalist that I am, I prefer to make these with the fewest number of ingredients possible… 2. Pretty epic right?

These are really easy to whip up and equally easy to eat. I haven’t made them with any add ins, but if you really want to make your family fall in love with them and enjoy a special treat I am sure they would be great with some dark chocolate chips in them!


2 ripened bananas

2 Eggs

Cinnamon (optional)


Blend or mash peeled bananas into a bowl until they are very mashed and mostly fluid. In a separate bowl whisk your eggs. Combine the eggs and the bananas, add in cinnamon if you want, and mix. Using butter or coconut oil fry your pancakes. These work best if you make them small. I even usually cook two at a time in one pan. Serve and enjoy 🙂

What are your thoughts?