Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries

maple roasted burseels sprouts and cranberries (AIP, Paleo)

As some of you may know, about twice a month I have the opportunity to write a post over at the blog Homemade For Elle. This month, I shared a delicious veggie recipe, perfect for fall. 

Brussels sprouts are a funny vegetable, like full heads of cabbage perfectly miniaturized. I do not come from a family of picky eaters. I was taught early on to be adventurous and eat what was put in front of me. We traveled a lot and I have had the privilege of experiencing everything from lamb in Greece to freshly caught fish in Bermuda. That being said, everyone has their dislikes. I, for example, cannot stand mushrooms and olives. My mother can’t stand Brussels sprouts. This was a joke in my house growing up because my mother was the cook so the few things she didn’t like, we did not eat. She has actually come around to these strange mini cabbages in recent years much to the family’s pleasure since we all enjoy the unique veggie.

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cranberries (AIP, Paleo) Brussels sprouts are a cooler weather veggie that flourishes in the fall. They are super nutritious, as they are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K as well as folate, vitamin B6 and fiber. It is very likely that you will be spotting little clusters of sprouts in your farmer’s market stalls in the weeks to come, which is great because all things fall-related are amazing!


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