Paleo Stuffed Peppers

Sweet Potatoes and Social Change Stuffed Peppers

These paleo stuffed peppers will please even the most anti-paleo eaters in your crowd. They are fun, delicious, and easy to cook. Photo By Samantha McClellan

I apologize to my newly developed readership out there that my blog posts have been fewer than usual lately. Between catching up from being sick for the entire month of March, preparing for the end of the semester in graduate school, being the wife of a pastor during Easter, and working, the blog posts have not been writing themselves. However, I am happy to say that after this week my school work will diminish significantly and I will be back to more frequent blog posts. Thankfully, for both my husband and I, the lack of blog posts has not equaled a lack of cooking. It just means that I have folders of pictures and recipes that have yet to be posted. This stuffed pepper recipe is one I made a little over a week ago and it turned out wonderfully. It was easy, relatively inexpensive, and made enough leftovers to feed me for a few more meals. If you have never had stuffed peppers its time to give these a try. They are a crowd pleaser for both paleo eaters and non-paleo eaters alike. In fact, these have been one of my mother’s staple recipes for decades, long before we were paleo. Give these a try and let me know what you think!


–       6 Bell peppers

–       1 lb of ground beef

–       ½ onion diced

–       ½ head of cauliflower riced in food processor

–       1 6z can of tomato paste

–       1 tsp of oregano

–       1 tsp of thyme

–       1 TBS minced garlic

–       cheddar cheese (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large skillet begin to brown your ground beef. As the ground beef is browning dice and add in onion and riced cauliflower, followed by your oregano, thyme, and garlic. Once the ground beef is entirely browned add in your tomato paste and mix thoroughly. As this is all cooking, take your bell peppers, cut off the tops and scoop out the core and seeds. Save the tops. When the meat mixture is finished fill each pepper and place in a glass baking dish. Top with cheese if you eat dairy and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Enjoy 🙂

What are your thoughts?