Simple AIP Sweet Potato Soup

Simple Sweet Potato Soup Recently, after I made a nice big batch of bone broth, I found myself in the mood for soup. That being said it was past lunchtime and I wanted the soup immediately so I had to come up with something quick! Out of that, this quick, tasty and simple sweet potato soup was born! Its filling and flavorful and the perfect portion for one hungry person at lunchtime!

Simple Sweet Potato Soup: 

serves 1 


1 Large sweet potato

1 cup of Bone Broth

3 cloves of roasted garlic

sea salt to taste


Peel and roughly chop your sweet potato. Add your sweet potato pieces to boiling water and cook until soft. When your sweet potato is cooked add it to your food processor. Heat up your broth and get your roasted garlic cloves and add both to your food processor along with your salt and pepper. Blend until soft. Add broth if necessary to achieve your desired texture. Pour into a bowl and enjoy. Fast, simple and so delicious!


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