Strawberry Kombucha

Strawberry KombuchaLast week, I talked about making kombucha and the benefits of probiotic foods. However, aside from all of the health benefits to be gained through making your own kombucha it is also just fun to have the flexibility to create new flavors! Since cutting out alcohol and sugar, kombucha has become my go to dinner drink. It is fun and sparkly and feels much fancier than water or tea.

With spring in the air I decided to move away from apple spice and try something more fitting for warmer weather. This strawberry kombucha is delicious! It is fruity and sparkly and perfect for spring and summer! This would also be a great drink for kids who are missing soda. Think of it as healthy strawberry Crush.


Strawberry KombuchaIngredients:

½ gallon of Kombucha (recipe here)

1/3 cup of roughly chopped strawberries (fresh or thawed from frozen)



After your kombucha is finished with its initial fermentation pour it into a sealable container, I use glass swing top bottles, but a mason jar with a tight seal works just fine. Add your strawberries to your kombucha. Seal and allow it to sit for about three days. There will be built up pressure from the carbonation so be careful opening. Once it is finished put it in the fridge and enjoy!


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    1. Samantha Post author

      I actually found the ones I have now at TJ Max, but you can also get them at brewery stores or a lot of kitchen stores. I just saw a bunch at a store at Southpoint Mall in Durham.

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